Why does the exhibit feature replica paintings and not originals?

Frida painted her life; her paintings are like an autobiography on canvas.

To understand her life, it is essential to be able to see all her paintings. However, exhibitions with originals by Frida are only able to show a maximum of 40 paintings of an estimated 134 she painted because:

  • Some of her paintings are permanently in the Blue House in Mexico and cannot leave
  • Some are privately owned (e.g., Madonna is a Frida Kahlo collector), and some of the owners never lend them for exhibitions
  • The rest are scattered throughout the world.

“The Complete Frida Kahlo” exhibition shows all the paintings, (123), for which there is a documentation in color; it allows the visitors to follow her entire life, from the very beginning as a hobby-painter through her maturity as an artist and to her last works before her death. This is only possible with replicas.

Who painted them?

The replicas were hand-painted by four Chinese master artists in the Song Zhuang artist community outside of Beijing. For more information, please click HERE.

Isn’t it illegal to copy her paintings?

Replicas have a legal connotation (it is authorized) and a quality connotation (it is a faithful repetition of the original). In most countries the artist’s rights expire 70 years after the artist’s death, in the case of Frida: in 2024. These replicas are painted by master artists and licensed by ©Banco de Mexico Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo Museums Trust/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2008.

How long should I plan to spend in the exhibit?

We recommend at least one hour to get the most value out of your visit.

Why did they choose Frida Kahlo’s life to make the subject of an exhibition?

Frida is a fascinating cultural icon, whose appeal extends beyond the art world. The curators are lifelong art enthusiasts. They have studied and researched Frida’s work and her life for almost 30 years, and they wanted to share their passion for Frida with the rest of the world.

What age is appropriate to see this exhibition?

While some of the artist’s work could be considered graphic in nature, we leave to the discretion of parents or educators to determine if the exhibit is suitable for their children/students.

Can I take photos of the exhibit?

We are sorry, but photography is not allowed within the exhibit.