A sample of comments from Visitors to the Frida Kahlo Exhibition in San Diego, California

“A wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime exhibit! Thank you!”

“Two hours are not enough. Awesome.”

“Wow! Super powerful! Almost brought me to tears. I was really touched by this incredible exhibit.”

“Muchas gracias por traernos esta exibicion. Representa nuestra cultura y arte con gran orgullo y creatividad!”

“Such an awesome opportunity to see Frida’s trabajo y passion en San Diego! Gracias!”

“A beautiful reminder of a beautiful spirit.”

“Thanks! I am a girl who LOVES Frida, so I loved it! Don’t stop doing great galleries! VIVA LA VIDA.”

“Wonderful to see Frida Kahlo on display as she should be… forever remembered in my heart and in my mind. Inspired post mortem .. anyone can discover art at any age and she is an ever-living testament to the power of mind and vision. Thank you Frieda, thank you. GRACIAS VIVA LA VIDA !”

“Frida Kahlo was such a strong woman and had so much love for her companion. It inspires me in so many ways and has taught me how to forgive.”

“I have been waiting to see a collection this cumulative for such a long time! One more off my bucket list! Gracias Frida par tu inspiracion!”